Sowing Seeds

Welcome to my blog on the subject of learning to grow food on a 10’x4′ balcony.

My first experience of gardening was gleaned from my parents who would put a lot of energy into the large-ish back and front gardens we had at our home. Dad would do the hard landscaping – putting raised beds around the bottom of the garden and creating a pond with waterfall, making use of the steep slope that was already there, and Mum would gradually make the lawn smaller and smaller as she acquired more plants – birthday and Mothering Sunday gifts and cuttings from Grandma.

In 2006 I moved to Leicester to pursue a postgraduate diploma in community arts practice at DeMontfort University. After having lived in semi-rural locations and studied music for three years in Canterbury – I moved into a flat in a noisy part of town. Nearby there is a large patch of wasteland which is overgrown with brambles, and a small wildlife garden. Apart from this, there are very few trees or plants around, and the street outside is the domain of buildings, cars and delivery vans.

I never really thought about growing plants on the balcony – it was simply instinctive. And now I have run out of space, I thought I should share my experience and encourage others. I hope this helps!


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  1. 1

    Tim Davies said,

    Vegetabloggle has arrived 🙂

    And I’ve been planting up some polycress and rocket today 🙂 My first contribution to the balcony garden.

    We should get some photos up on the blog of this little Leicester oasis soon… although I’m rather worried my attempts at planting will be put to shame by Rachel’s green fingered cultivation…

  2. 2

    Pete Smith said,

    Please add ‘North facing’ 4′ x 10′ balcony. And I think you should add that everything is pot grown, being on the 1st floor, and the word optimistic should feature in your blog.
    Otherwise, good luck!

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