Inspired by the Eden Project

A week or so back my husband and I had a wonderful long weekend in Cornwall. Our primary reason for going was to visit the Eden Project.

The Eden Project is superb – such a feeling of festival! I particularly enjoyed the Mediterranean Biome, for its fantastic sculptures, olive trees, and the gorgeous summery vegetable planting of courgettes, fennel, tomatoes, basil, coriander, red onions and rosemary. I felt healthy just looking at it…

When we returned home I was delighted to see that the sun had been shining in Leicester and my plants had been GROWING. I was especially pleased to see the perpetual spinach had leaves big enough to start harvesting, the polycress was also large enough to eat, and the beans and peas looked strong, healthy plants, unlike my tomato plants…


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  1. 1

    Nick Booth said,

    Lovely labels. How did you do those?

  2. 2

    Tim Davies said,

    Alas it’s not our garden 😦

    That would be the eden project’s plant labels…

    We’re relying on old lolly sticks and biro to label up the plants on our balcony… a photo of that coming soon… (slightly less spacious than the eden project alas….)

  3. 3

    rachelmsmith said,

    but hey, I think it might be quite easy to replicate those plant labels: wooden stakes, blackboard paint and chalk…

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