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These radishes are a bit small – they have all been mainly leaf and no root…. something to do with how much I water them? And the leaves aren’t too tasty – a bit hairy and bitter *eurgh*

This bowl contains perpetual spinach/chard and can be eaten raw in a salad or added to dishes like spinach, to wilt down. It has probably been my most successful crop. The cress (polycress) on top is another easy-to-grow salad leaf, and it grows really quickly.

This photograph shows some not-quite-ready-yet rockst leaves, growing in one of those metal take-away containers. The rocket tastes peppery and is easy to grow and it can be grown in something as simple as this container, which can be reused. Much better than those plastic bags full of chlorine-rinsed leaves.


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Moving garden

Well, it’s been a busy few months, and it’s amazing how things grow with very little input from the gardener, I just water things a bit, and hey presto, it’s big and green! Things have been moving quickly in other parts of my life too, and soon (in about two weeks) I shall be moving from Leicester to Oxford where the balcony will be upgraded to small back yard with, get this, soil. So I thought that I would spend the intervening time looking at the highlights of what has been grown and show you a few photographs of the vegetable bounty that has been sprouting on my chilly north-facing, weather-beaten balcony.

This photograph was taken a little while back and shows bay, lavender, mint, thyme, sage, miscellaneous decorative plants that I can’t remember the names of, as well as rosemary, oregano, tarragon and parsley. I’ve also planted up my old boots with nasturtiums – I felt this was a good bit of recycling as the boots were past fixing, and the holes that used to let in water to my feet, now act as drainage holes. Last year I grew nasturtiums in a trough, and all of the leaves pushed themselves through the grill of the balcony which was a wonderful sight from the street, and saved space on the balcony (although we couldn’t enjoy the colour as much). Young nasturtium leaves and flowers add some interesting flavour to salads.

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